Supporting the Tempe Urban Core Master Plan

Currently we are working to see that the Tempe Urban Core Master Plan (view a large PDF explaining the plan) gets implemented. We are doing this by attending city meetings and voicing our support for the project. We support the Tempe Urban Core Master Plan because:

  • It seeks to increase the supply of affordable housing
  • It encourages higher density housing near light rail and street car stops
  • Extends mixed-use designation to more locations in Tempe
  • Reducing surplus parking

Opposing Phoenix Prop 105

Phoenix Prop 105 seeks to deliver a devastating blow to public transit and the economic development and mobility that comes along with it. Yes, this is a Phoenix proposition but as the light rail is interconnected with out city and provides a great public transit option both for Tempe residents and those traveling to Tempe. We oppose Prop 105 because:

  • It cancels expansion of the light rail that is already under construction and that has been approved by voters on three separate occasions.
  • Light rail expansion will provide valuable economic development in underserved parts of Phoenix.
  • Expanding the light rail is essential for reducing congestion and air quality in the valley.
  • Light rail expansion provides new transit opportunities both in and out of Tempe.

Please check out to find out more about stopping Prop 105.