SB 1117 is before the the Arizona State Senate. The bill would legalize the construction of more affordable housing options where people want to live. It would allow for casitas, duplexes, smaller lot sizes, reduction in parking minimums, and more housing near transit.

This is the most comprehensive piece of housing legislation before the Arizona Legislature yet. Please, take the time to call or email your State Senator today.


Unsure who your State Senator is? Use this tool to look up your district. Senators with asterisks represent part of Tempe.

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Juan Mendez – Assistant Minority Leader*8DEmail: JMENDEZ(602) 926-4124
Denise “Mitzi” Epstein – Minority Leader*12DEmail: MEPSTEIN(602) 926-4870
Eva Burch – Minority Whip*9DEmail: EBURCH(602) 926-3374
Lela Alston — Minority Caucus Chair5DEmail: LALSTON(602) 926-5829
Ken Bennett1REmail: KBENNETT(602) 926-5874
Sonny Borrelli — Majority Leader30REmail: SBORRELLI(602) 926-5051
Frank Carroll28REmail: FCARROLL(602) 926-3249
Eva Diaz22DEmail: EVA.DIAZ(602) 926-3473
David C. Farnsworth10REmail: DFARNSWORTH(602) 926-3387
Brian Fernandez23DEmail: BFERNANDEZ(602) 926-3098
Rosanna Gabaldón — Minority Whip21DEmail: RGABALDON(602) 926-3424
Sally Ann Gonzales20DEmail: SGONZALES(602) 926-3278
David Gowan19REmail: DGOWAN(602) 926-5154
Theresa Hatathlie6DEmail: THATATHLIE(602) 926-5160
Anna Hernandez24DEmail: ANNA.HERNANDEZ(602) 926-3492
Jake Hoffman15REmail: JAKE.HOFFMAN(602) 926-3292
Steve Kaiser2REmail: SKAISER(602) 926-3314
John Kavanagh3REmail: JKAVANAGH(602) 926-5170
Anthony Kern27REmail: AKERN(602) 926-3497
Sine Kerr — Majority Whip25REmail: SKERR(602) 926-5955
Christine Marsh4DEmail: CMARSH(602) 926-3184
J.D. Mesnard13REmail: JMESNARD(602) 926-4481
Catherine Miranda11DEmail: CMIRANDA(602) 926-3413
Warren Petersen — President14REmail: WPETERSEN(602) 926-4136
Wendy Rogers7REmail: WROGERS(602) 926-3042
Janae Shamp29REmail: JSHAMP(602) 926-3499
Thomas “T.J.” Shope — President Pro Tempore16REmail: TSHOPE(602) 926-3012
Priya Sundareshan18DEmail: PSUNDARESHAN(602) 926-3437
Raquel Terán — Minority Leader26DEmail: RTERAN(602) 926-3308
Justine Wadsack17REmail: JWADSACK(602) 926-3106