YIMBY stands for “Yes In My Backyard”. Our goal is increasing the supply of housing in Tempe to bring down prices and make it affordable for all to live here. We support ending barriers to the construction of new housing such as apartment bans. Nationwide, there is a shortage of housing and fixing this starts at home.

In a broader sense we are urbanist. We support increased density in Tempe, increased walkability, expanded public transit, and streets that don’t put cars over people.


We wish to avoid the fate of our California neighbors, where the development of new housing slowed to a crawl and where the epicenter of the housing crisis now takes place. We want housing that is affordable to all who wish to live in Tempe.

We want Tempe to be affordable in other ways as well. Denser cities mean more jobs closer to where people live. Increased transit options means healthier, greener, and more affordable ways to get around.


Local politics can be difficult to follow. It is comparatively less covered than national and even state politics. Those who are NIMBYs (Not In My Backyard) tend to have an asymmetric advantage when it comes to influence and knowledge of the ins-and-outs of Tempe.

We seek to level the playing field by providing resources and articles. We will be providing info on who is running for city government and how their plans stack up. We will provide articles about current city officials and policies.

By leveling the playing field, we hope to help better engage all Tempe residents so that a select few are not calling the shots.