Ending bans on new housing will bring down costs and help make housing affordable for all.


  • Ending apartment bans and legalizing the development of all types of housing throughout the city.
  • Removal of restrictions that increase the cost of housing.
  • A tax on the value of unimproved land.
  • Expand services and aid to the homeless population.
  • Implement a tax on short-term rentals.


The monopoly of the car on our city has taken its toll not just in dollars and environmental impact, but in lives. Reducing reliance on cars is key to a safer, cleaner, and more economically productive city.


  • The removal of parking minimums, allowing businesses and developers to build the amount of parking needed rather than build surplus parking on land that could be better used.
  • The expansion of bike lanes throughout Tempe.
  • Mandating larger and protected bike lanes throughout Tempe.
  • Maintaining and promoting multimodal transport within the city such as electric scooters and bike sharing programs.
  • Supporting expansion and improvement of public transit such as the Tempe Streetcar and Orbit Bus system.
  • Create pedestrian-only areas throughout the cities to increase walkability.