Joel Navarro

In answering questions, please try to keep your answers relevant to and within the scope of the office you seek election to. Try and list specific policy ideas you think would be helpful in addressing issues.  Responses will be published on

How would you increase overall housing production?
As your Councilmember, I have worked with neighbors and developers to find
common sense solutions to Tempe’s housing needs. I have advocated for high quality
projects that are compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods. I have made myself
accessible to all stakeholders to get input during Tempe’s growth. I plan to continue
doing all I can to ensure Tempe is offering affordable and quality housing solutions for
all residents.

How would you strengthen tenant protections?
The first step is attracting the right type of development projects and managers to our
city. I prefer Tempe to have quality housing products that do not require legal
interference to provide a quality residence. However, I am open to enhancing
framework that ensures our citizens – renters and homeowners, alike – live in the best
homes and neighborhoods in the Valley.

How would you go about ensuring an adequate supply of affordable housing in the

We must work with homebuilders to encourage quality, affordable housing solutions.
We must continue to identify workable opportunities and encourage smart growth in
our neighborhoods. I will continue to find common sense solutions that work within
the economic reality for homebuilders and existing neighbors to grow our inventory of
affordable housing.

What policies would you hope to enact regarding the issues of homelessness in Tempe?
I have worked with the Council to invest over $1,000,000 for 2019-2020 to create
programs to address homelessness in Tempe. We are working together with other
cities in our region to offer services that help all residents. We must continue to offer
mental health and drug addiction counseling services to help those struggling in our

With the ongoing climate crisis, what city policies would you enact to take on climate
change and its effects?

Tempe must continue to be a leader in finding efficient, environmentally friendly
transportation solutions. That is why I support the light rail, street car, electric
scooters, and any other tool that can help cut down on vehicle emissions.

Do you support legalizing new and diverse housing options in parts of the city where it
is currently illegal to build them?

I will continue to look at each opportunity to enhance Tempe on a case by case basis.
This includes getting input from residents and making sure the character of new
projects fits in the diverse neighborhoods across our city.

How would you support multimodal transit options in the city? Would you support
protected bike lanes and expanding bike infrastructure?
I proudly support multimodal transportation options in our city. We must work
together to find multimodal transportation solutions that fit with the character of
neighborhoods across Tempe. We must continue working together with all
stakeholders to find solutions that to increase our multimodal infrastructure while not
creating unintended consequences. Together, we can find solutions that work for all
of Tempe.

When it comes to public transit, what direction would you like to see Tempe take?
What improvements would you make to existing systems? Are there any new modes of
public transit you would like to see?
I would like to see Tempe continue to be a regional leader in efficient, environmentally
friendly transportation solutions. We must continue to support of bus and rail systems. I see great opportunities with shared economy forms of multimodal
transportation and commit to working with all stakeholders to make these systems
efficient, trouble free and workable for all Tempe residents.

In regards to parking in the city, are there changes you would make to current policy?
Changing parking minimums, changing the cost of public parking, etc.

We must continue to be thoughtful in our approach to parking around downtown
Tempe and campus. With regard to parking, I believe it is more efficient to prioritize
solutions, offering alternatives and capitalizing on solutions before simply raising
parking rates.